About SPS


Our greatest asset is our team. Comprised of experts heralding from very senior positions in financial services, such as banks, payment networks, hedge funds, and auditing firms. We have a world-class team that is specialized in safety, security and risk management. Our compliance and risk management teams are best-in-class, and every transaction is closely monitored to ensure safety and speed from origination to settlement. We believe that great customer service happens locally, so we have offices in several markets to ensure a seamless and advanced service level.


When you send an envelope abroad overnight, the shipping company ensures it will arrive at the time promised the next day. If fact, you can track the movement of the envelope online in real-time. Sending money, however, is still stuck in the past. In today’s ultra-modern technology-filled, digital world, a payment transaction originating from a company in Ohio to a recipient in Brazil can still be delayed days if not weeks. The payment may be riddled with bureaucracy, causing endless friction. Often, the sender and receiver are not aware of final costs of the transaction. More so when destination country is ‘exotic,’ or not a mainstream market.

Our vision is that sending money across-borders should be as easy as possible. We are working every day to ensure our customers can make payments easily, removing all the unnecessary complexity. From origination to payout, we take care of all the complexities that surround the burdensome experience of sending money around the world, and ensure a great and simple user experience. We are Simple Payment Solution.


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